The Voice Achievers Award 2024 Nomination Closed

The awards committee have received a strong pool of nominees which are outstanding personalities, including men, women, businesses, organizations, governments who are contributing to the advancement of Africa. The jury would consider them and short-listed candidates would officially receive a nomination letter and, on their acceptance, and ability to attend; their names would be confirmed and published accordingly.

Nominations for this year’s 2024 award are now officially closed.

Pst. Elvis Iruh
The Voice Achievers Award Nomination Process
Each year, we open the process of nominating candidates for this global and prestigious award to the public. The idea is to select the best candidates each year; although we are aware of many qualified candidates but we are not able to recognize all at a go therefore each year we select a few and recognized them. The following year, other groups are considered.

Please note: Only one nomination submission per nominee is permitted.

Before preparing a nomination, a nominator should check with the nominee if he or she is willing to accept his or her nomination, willingness to participate at the award ceremony in person. (No award would be given in absentia please, therefore it is also a criteria - your ability to attend the award ceremony).

That of this year is taking place in Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa on 15th & 16th August

 Please address any question(s) to the chair of the Award Committee

(Ambassador Elvis Iruh at [email protected] or  WhatsApp: +31684999548

A formal nomination is required.

Finally, once the nomination is received via our official email ([email protected]), you will receive a confirmation mail to that effect.

Please share this message with others who may be interested in making a nomination.

Ambassador Elvis Iruh
Chair, Awards Committee for 2024
The Voice Achievers Award Inc.

Each nomination must include:

  1. A mail from the nominator. Indicate the specific reason(s)  for nominating the person, business, organization or government representative
  2. The nominee's curriculum vitae (CV).

Self-nomination(s) are acceptable.
Such nominations must include a self-nomination mail and CV as described above.

Electronic submission is required.
All nomination materials must be submitted electronically no later than noon (12:00 p.m.) 30th May 2024

Nominations will not be accepted after deadline. All material must be submitted by the nominator in digital form only, using MS Word or PDF file attachments. The nominator must send all of the nomination materials, in one submission, to: [email protected]

Submissions will be acknowledged by the Chairman within four business working  days. If the nominator has not received an acknowledgment of receipt by then, please send an inquiry to: [email protected]

Awards & Descriptions
  1. Icon of Democracy Award
  2. Africa Hero Award
  3. Africa Heroine Award
  4. African Personality Award
  5. Life Time Achievers Award
  6. Distinguished Career Award.
  7. African Man of the year 2024
  8. African Woman of the year 2024
  9. African Leadership Excellence Award
  10. African Business Excellence Award
  11. African Inspirational Award
  12. African Humanitarian Excellence Award
  13. Entrepreneurship Excellence Award
  14. African Image Maker Award
  15. Technology Excellence Award
  16. Hospitality Excellence Award
  17. African Motivational Award
  18. African Spiritual Leadership Award
  19. African Impact Award
  20. African Sports Personality Award
  21. African Cultural Award
  22. African Media Award
  23. African Entertainment Award
  24. Public Service Award
  25. Political Figure Award
  26. Outstanding Ambassador Award
  27. African Community Service Award
  28. African Fashion Promoter Award
  29. African Promising Career Award
  30. African Special Recognition Award
  31. African Community Figure Award
  32. African Foundation Award
  33. The Voice Appreciation Award
  34. African Health Care Award
  35. African Youth Service Award
  36. Outstanding African Governor Award
  37. African Courageous Award
  38. Diaspora Woman of the Year Award
  39. Diaspora Man of the Year Award
  40. Against All Odds Award

Special Recognition: The Voice Goodwill Ambassadors