The Voice Magazine is a monthly publication established on August 12th 1999 in the Netherlands to create a voice for Africans across Europe. The Voice Magazine is headquartered in Almere, The Netherlands with offices in Amsterdam and Den Haag in The Netherlands. We initially started with only 500 copies.

With support from various people and African Missions, The Magazine grown its circulation to over 60,000 copies monthly and is one of the most read Magazines across Europe. The motto is “Actuated towards Africa’s advancement”.

Interestingly, The Voice magazine is also the first African publication to be circulated for free across Europe, totally depending on advertisement and subscription as a means of sustaining the publication. Since 2016, the magazine started officially as a digital publication, although on demand we still print the hard copy version. You are free to join our growing subscribers or you can subscribe to downloading the publication online via our website: www.thevoicenewsmagazine.com

On a separate page, you can views all the personalities we have recognized over the years on past award winners.

This award started back 11 years ago to mark our yearly anniversary but the interest has grown to become a festival of some sort with the number of people attending the ceremony across the world. Stay tune with us and enjoy the awards, if you are yet to be recognized, we say simply keep doing what you are doing and your time would come soonest.